• How many strands can the Magic Finding hold in a multi strand design ?

    Between 1-7 strands.

  • What is the maximum thickness of beading string that can fit through The Magic Finding ?

    "021" beading string is the thickest that will pass through.

  • What is the maximum thickness of metal wire that can fit through The Magic Finding ?

    Maximum 22 Gauge so long as the tip is cut flush and the wire is strait.

  • I am having trouble fitting The Magic Finding pliers around the Magic Finding when I am multi stranding, what do I do ?

    Whenever multi stranding you need to leave about 1/8” to 1/4” space between your Magic Finding and your beads. The bigger the beads and the more strands you have the more space you will need.

  • I am having trouble getting my Omega Insert to close securely and neatly in my Magic Finding, what do I do ?

    Follow the directions seen in the 2nd video on the direction page and remember the following things: It is important  that every time you crimp with your pliers to always push and hold the Omega Insert in The Magic Finding before and during the crimping process.
    To avoid marking the omega inserts with you pliers; make sure that the Magic Finding is centered and well seated in the concave holes of the pliers before you crimp.
    Always start by crimping the Omega Insert in a parallel position.
    Make sure your pliers are fully closed when you finish crimping the finding.
    Make sure you keep about 1/8" to 1/4" space between your beads and your Magic Finding with an omega insert assembled in it when you crimp your finding.

  • Can I add strands to the Magic Finding after it is crimped ?

    No. Make sure that all components and strands have been attached to the Magic Finding before you crimp it.