Here you will see several examples 
of the design possibilities that the 
Magic Finding permits. There are 
many possibilities that this finding 
allows. Use your imagination to 
think of new ways to enhance your 
jewelry designs.


click the thumbnails to see a close up of some of the
many ways the magic finding can be used!

         If you have come up with a unique way of using the Magic Finding
         and you would like to have your design in our website, we would 
         be happy to put it in the inspirational gallery. 

         The criteria we use to decide what pieces will go in our website is;

         60 % a creative or new use of the Magic Finding  
         40 % a beautiful design

         Please provide a professional quality high-resolution digital
         photograph of your design.
         There is no charge to have your designs listed in our website and
         we would be happy to create a link to your website if you have one.

María Aleman works out of her boutique and studio in Montreal. 
Maria and her husband make one of a kind jewlery in a wide variety of 
techniques including; repoussé, wire, beading enameling, silversmithing 
and goldsmithing. Please contact her through her Facebook.


Candyce Speck designs one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry made at 
her Seahorse Studio in Northern Michigan. She is also a watercolorist 
and enjoys teaching. Her jewelry and paintings have been in many
shows around the United States.
You can email Candyce at for 
more information.